Scrub Oak Removal & Pruning

Scrub oak pruning and removal

Scrub oak is widely spread across southern Colorado as well as along foothills, almost all the way to Denver.  Its dense and very resistant nature makes it unpopular among a lot of homeowners. I have customers calling it a pest that spreads everywhere. I agree that unmanaged scrub oak can be very unattractive but it’s possible to get it under control by scrub oak pruning.

I like to work with scrub oak stands that have tree-like form and are up to 20 feet tall. The first step in scrub oak pruning is to remove all dead and storm damaged branches. Next we will groom the scrub oak: cut any crossed branches, developing competing leaders, limb up lower branches to an even level depending on how tall the scrub oak is. Final step in scrub oak pruning is to remove all scrub oak suckers growing on the ground and brush cut the grass. If a stand of scrub oak is in the front of a house a nice touch would be to spread mulch. It will give it a more landscaped look.

Scrub oak pruning not only has esthetic benefits but also safety and health ones. When you have scrub oak pruning done, you protect your property against wildfire. It prevents scrub oak from future storm damage and you can safely walk around your property (no critters hiding in the bushes).

The trick to remember with scrub oak is that it needs to be maintained every year and do not let it take over the property again. The good news is the bulk of the work is done during the initial scrub oak pruning.

Scrub oak pruning is a tedious work and can get overwhelming. If you need help with scrub oak pruning or removal, please give me a call for a free estimate at 303-681-2092.  During our appointment I will show you how this free natural recourse can be used to improve the look of your property. By doing scrub oak pruning we will wildfire mitigate your land and make it safe for you and your family.